HMK Prefab Homes & Hallmark-Southwest Corporation

Hallmark-Southwest is the parent company of HMK Prefab Homes. Unlike most other prefab home builders, we have over 35 years of experience building factory built homes. Founded in 1976 by craftsmen from various home building companies, Hallmark-Southwest Corporation is proudly one of the few privately held employee-owned factory home builders in the country. Hallmark-Southwest Corporation’s primary area of business is the Southwest United States but we have worked on projects in areas as far away as Alaska. Dissatisfied with existing housing construction, Hallmark has focused on the use of new designs, new engineering, and new technology to build homes that excel in quality and craftsmanship.

About HMK Prefab Homes

HMK Prefab Homes represents an evolution in both the industry of factory built homes and our industry leading energy efficient building philosophy. We recognize that as people become increasingly concerned with their impact on the environment, our long-standing commitment to net-zero energy efficiency will keep us at the cutting edge of the prefab home marketplace. Forging sustainable partnerships with designers and suppliers that share our vision and commitment to this cause is the best way forward.

Employee-Owned Since 1976

As the only employee-owned factory home builder in the Southwestern United States, we are not beholden to venture capitalists, hedge funds, or the whim of the public markets. Hallmark-Southwest Corporation has the flexibility to make fast-forward, progressive steps that directly benefit our clients, not short-term market demands. While the flexibility to make bold steps is important, Hallmark-Southwest Corporation maintains a proven track record of thriving in positive economic times, building over 600 homes in 2006, and maintaining what can be a costly commitment to environmental concerns and energy efficiency when the economy turns for the worse.