Our Environmental Focus

At HMK Prefab Homes, we are focused on reducing our impact on the environment through attention to our production practices and the use of healthy & sustainable materials. We also focus on working with partners that share this same commitment throughout your home buying process. This commitment leads to a healthy environment for our customers that costs less in the long-term.

Landfill Affect

Our factory produces substantially less waste than a similar site-built home through thoughtful design, the optimized use of materials in similar homes on the production line, and improved material handling and storage. Every dollar of waste saved can be passed on to our customers.

Recycled & Recycleable Materials

We utilize insulation with a high recycled content in our roof systems, our wall insulation uses a formaldehyde free binder. Our Solid Surface countertops utilize a high percentage of recycled materials and do not require periodic sealing like stone countertops. Our Decking does not require the harvesting of mature forests like other decking products used in site-built homes. Trex Decking is made from ~50% recycled and reclaimed plastic, and 50 percent reclaimed wood. Our floor systems utilize recycled steel which reduces our use of dimensional lumber, providing an extremely strong floor system.

Indoor Air Quality

We only use paints and stains that contain low/ no V.O.C.s. Our flooring products are also certified to low emission standards for formaldehyde. Historically, high levels of Formaldehyde and VOCs have been responsible for that “new car smell”. Through our focus on using environmentally responsible interior finishes, you can be sure the air you breath is not filled with harmful chemicals within your new home.

Passive Ventilation & Solar Orientation

Our homes are designed to optimize the power of the sun and local wind patterns. Through proper orientation, window placement, eave sizing, and space layout, your home will use dramatically less energy while feeling comfortable and airy. We build with several products that work as a cool roof. This means excess heat is reflected instead of leading to unwanted heat build-up within your attic and home. In addition to our passive strategies, we integrate a supply-side ventilation system to ensure your home is filled with fresh and healthy air.

Advanced Thermal Envelope

Our approach to energy efficiency, healthy homes, and environmental stewardship starts with our advanced thermal envelope. Our hybrid system of insulation, sealants, quality framing construction, energy efficient windows, thermal barriers, and space layout leads to a tight thermal envelope that allows our home’s inhabitants to control their environment. Comparatively, previously constructed site-built homes received adequate air changes as a result of low quality construction which led to cracks, gaps, holes, and radiant heat transfer. By focusing on our advanced thermal envelope, the homeowner is in control of when and how much air is admitted to the home. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air??

EnergyStar Appliances

The appliances included in our homes are certified under the EnergyStar program and use substantially less energy and water than standard models.